From the recording Mind the Gap

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19 Cancer Joins the Band

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Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Josh Weinstein
Vocals, Piano, and All Other Sounds - Josh Weinstein
Add’l Vocals - Joshua Taylor


Still up
Can’t sleep
Got in too deep
Never know the score

I can’t fix this
Whatever it is
So instead I break it more.

Everything we fear becomes
the things we are
Everything was different in the old days

One kiss
Two kiss
Right here
Like this
That’s the way that cancer joined the band

Here I found this
We swore on this
We made promises and such
But life comes
in degrees
It’s fight, flight or freeze
And do we jump or are we pushed?

Everything we do to help us to forget
Is everything that kills us in our old age
One sip 
Two sips
Oh yeah, that’s it.
That’s the way that cancer joined the band.

One kiss
Two kiss
Ah, yeah
That’s it.
That’s the way that cancer joins the band.