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-- Highly Student-Centered Instruction and Interaction

-- Online (Worldwide) and In-Person (San Diego)

-- Coaching, Consultation, and Weekly Lessons

-- All Ages - Adult Learners Welcome

-- Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Composition, Production, Lyrics, Performance, DAW

-- Theory, Ear-Training, Improvisation, Sight-Reading

-- Classical, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Folk, Country, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

-- Song-Coaching and Lyric Refinement

-- Workshops and Masterclasses (Group and Individual)

-- Performance Anxiety and Other Roadblocks


Teaching Philosophy

I take a highly student-centered approach to teaching. Too many potentially successful students are "taught out" of their love of music by proscriptive and inflexible instructors. I start where you are and craft an approach that recognizes and enhances your personal strengths. I also work with you to best navigate any roadblocks that may sit between you and your success as a music-learner. This can run the gamut from refining skills and habits that will help you advance more quickly, to dealing with the various bits of internal narration that can particularly plague adult learners--and are often holdovers from an earlier instructor’s inflexibility. Through all stages of instruction, I strive to ensure that music is an enhancement to your life--never a punishment or a chore. I also do one-off consultations and masterclasses for a variety of situations--"turbo-charging" your playing, preparing for a show or audition, starting or finishing a song, refining various skills or genres, and much more.


Josh is a tremendous teacher who is committed to helping you achieve whatever your piano-related goals might be. He has deep knowledge of all things blues, jazz, and funk and can offer excellent guidance in improving your technique, harmonic language, and rhythmic style. He’s patient and very capable to work with you on learning songs, sheet music, practical music theory, as well as helping you write your own music. As a songwriting coach, he brings a lot of incredible advice and experience and will work with you to help you bring your songs and lyrics to life. All this, and he’s also a very personable, kind, and generous human being. Can’t recommend him enough!” - Andrew Allen, former classical musician turned big-tech software engineer

— Private Student, 2022

I’ve been taking lessons with Josh for 3 years, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to play the piano (or for non-beginners, improving their piano skills). Josh takes the time to get to know you and tailors lessons around your goals. In my case, I was a guitar player looking to learn enough piano to play some songs and jam with friends. But now, as Josh says, I’m no longer a guitar player who plays piano, I’m simply a piano player. He makes the process easy and fun and is generally a good hang. He is flexible and accommodating—offering both virtual lessons (which actually work better than you think) as well as in-person lessons. Give him a shot, you won’t be disappointed. ” - Joey

— Private Student, 2022

I have been receiving piano lessons from Josh for 3 years now starting at the age of 58. I had absolutely zero musical experience. Josh has taken me from zero to sight-reading and playing the music of my choice. Josh has been very patient and more importantly extremely positive during my journey. Just when you are at wits' end of frustration he has a way of bringing you back to earth while showing the importance of enjoying the ability to play music. Josh listens very intently to your needs and helps to cure them. Trust me, you will not find a better piano teacher let alone a better person.” - SP

— Private Student, 2022

Aside from being an excellent musician, Josh is personable and easy to be around. Having someone who is not only proficient at teaching, but who makes the learning atmosphere relaxed and comfortable has been incredibly helpful to my progress. I'd highly recommend taking any sort of lesson with Josh!” - Chelsi

— Private Student, 2018

Loved my first lesson. Can’t wait for more. What took me so long?” - Nina

— Private Student, 2018

Joshua is a great teacher!” - Joan

— Private Student, 2019

If you are looking for a fun, energetic and relaxed teacher then Josh is for you. I am 53 with no musical background, and Josh has taught me how not only how to enjoy the process but is always making sure that I understand the process. No question goes unanswered. There is a clear and decisive explanation in a manner which make them easy to understand. It makes learning a blast” - Steve

— Private Student, 2018

Exactly what we were looking for (lesson is for my 12 year old daughter).” - Dee

— Private Student, 2018

It has been about 20 years since I last took piano lessons, but recently decided that it was something I wanted to get back into and Josh has been awesome! He’s been very accommodating and we’ve found a good combination of working on lesson-like material, tempo, and on pieces that I’ve wanted to learn how to play. He is very attentive and takes notes throughout the lesson so that we make sure that we always start back up at the same place each time. I’ve been very happy working with Josh over the past few months and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to play the piano again or for the first time!” - Lucas

— Private Student, 2017