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18 Caesar of Tremont

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For my dad, Sy Weinstein ("wine-stained sigh") and my "bonus" dad Al Reichin, a poker-playing Korean War pilot ("ace [of spades]")

Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Josh Weinstein
Vocals, Keyboards, and All Other Sounds - Josh Weinstein


Through the strain of time
I hear you
Through this minstrel lie
I know you
I know you

Quiet into that morning
One last wine-stained sigh
That’s the way that Caesar of Tremont died

Through the hours and days 
I feel you
Like the ace of spades 
I keep you
I keep you
Pressed here in my front coat pocket
Printed onto my mind
Hang your heads now
Caesar of Tremont died.

No trains leave from the station
No stars shine in the sky
There is no joy now.
Caesar of Tremont died.