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17 San Diego In the Rain

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Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Josh Weinstein
Vocals, Piano, and Keyboards - Josh Weinstein
Guitar - Sam Hunt
Bass - Ken Dow
Drums - Kevin Dow
Add’l Vocals - Sand King, Joshua Taylor
Rain - San Diego, December, 2021


There’s howling in the canyons
Rumbling in the seas
Murders and committees
Gathering in the trees

Well there’s bricks in this here building
Softer than your soul
Bodies in the basement
Warmer than your folds.

And they circle round the drain
And bow beneath the strain
Of San Diego in the Rain

She said
“The farther away you get from me, 
The farther away you feel.
These barters you offer me ain’t real.”
I said “You can’t stop the water
Dropping from the clouds.”
Love tends to entropy
And ends lonely in a crowd

And it’s heavy on my brain
And I bend beneath the strain
Like San Diego in the Rain

I am not its father
But still somehow I named it
She said she’s scared of conflict
I guess she overcame it
I said we could do better
I guess you’d say it didn’t go so well.

I’m nobody’s scholar
But brother did I call it
she answers with her hands up like I
asked her for her wallet
I’m the coat rack in the corner:
harmless but at night you just can’t tell


Someone calls a name out
Distracts us
But I guess it’s just as well.

As we barrel like a train
Across the stoned terrain,
Of San Diego in the Rain.