From the recording Mind the Gap

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15 Closing Time at the Carnival

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Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Josh Weinstein
Vocals, Keyboards, and Strings - Josh Weinstein
Lead Guitar - Joe Amato
Guitar - Sam Hunt
Bass - Ken Dow
Drums - Kevin Dow
Add’l Vocals - Sandi King, Joshua Taylor


Holler holler
I can’t be what I’m not
We old brawlers
Sometimes run too hot.
Looks like it’s
Closing time at the carnival
Listen: the bandolina playing
We never cared much anyway 
We was both grifting
Listen: the city gypsies sing Goodnight
Irene Goodnight
I’ll see you in my whiskey
Drink you in my wine

Lay you down and drink you in like wine

Taste so fine
Leave your mind I’ll take my time
Drink you in like you was wine.