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"An epic recording...cinematic quality...a truly adventurous work, with repeated listens yielding rewards. Lyrically, the passing of time and love, drinking, laments, and the human condition play a huge part. Weinstein does an amazing job of curating the sounds and textures...

“Jesus of Neverland” is a wonderfully atmospheric song, with echoes of the Great American Songbook and a bit of Nilsson. It already sounds like a standard in the making, instantly memorable...I won’t be surprised when this gets covered in the future.

Personal favorite is the title track, a lament counting people and things lost to time, starting with “Miss my dad…,” it’s poignant. The stabbing, calliope-like sounds used as the song’s opening hook, shows Weinstein's arranging skills at their best. As does the song’s abrupt ending. A very effective touch.

Mind the Gap is highly recommended. There are numerous influences throughout the album, but fans of Tom Waits or songwriters such as (late period) Paul Simon...will find much to appreciate...With Mind the Gap, Weinstein has put together a collection of songs that are well worth hearing and set the bar high for his next project."

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